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  • ブリキおもちゃ職人 マルサン 六代目代表 神永 英司さん
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  • ブリキおもちゃ職人 ROBOT  ART主宰 宮澤 眞治さん

  • ブリキとは自分そのもの。
  • 修理は推理小説のようなもの。
  • ブリキというライフワーク。

File No.001 ブリキおもちゃ職人 ROBOT ART主宰 宮沢 眞治さん

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Representative of ROBOT ART
Data of Birth: Aug 21, 1952/Address: Kasukabe city, Saitama


He was born as the third son in the family who runs Metal House (previous Marumiya Industries), the tin toy maker which was renown for “Tin Brothers” and grown up to develop tin toys. He moved on to set up and represents his own atelier, Robot Art. As evangelist of tin toys, he does the all, from prototyping to repairing.



Mr. Miyazwa is one of the experts in Japan. His techniques are so excellent that foreign collectors ask him to repair their treasures. Used to be top design engineer who the industry owed much, what is on his mind now? As he still is giving all his life to tin toys which have become things of the past.


  • 全編再生
  • チャプター 01 ブリキおもちゃとの出会い
  • チャプター 02 ブリキおもちゃの魅力
  • チャプター 03 ブリキ職人の喜び



  • 修理中のブリキロボット。ちなみに宮澤さん、ロボットへの思い入れが強く、これまで数々のロボット型ブリキ玩具を開発している。

    Tin robot in repair. Robots are the toy Mr. Miyazawa put his strongest passion into. He has given birth to a lot of classics in this genre.

  • これまで数百種にもおよぶ修理を行ってきた宮澤さんの“魔法の手”にかかれば、どんなに古いおもちゃでも見事に復活する。

    His magical hands revive all the toys no matter old they may be. Hundreds of different models have been repaired by him.

  • 宮澤さんが開発協力した大阪ブリキ玩具資料室の鉄人28号No.5。鉄人ブーム時代を過ごした年代の方々にはたまらない一品だ。

    Gigantor, No. 5 by Osaka Tin Toy Institute. Which Mr. Miyazawa give his hands to its development. People cannot resist who experienced its boom at their youth.